You will be Amazed!! Checkout 7 Luxurious cars of DBanj – See the cost of each cars (Photos/Video)

Have you seen D’banj’s house and cars? Read the article, learn many interesting, and see the latest photos.

Dbanj House and cars

Nowadays D’banj’s is one of the most famous and richest Nigerian celebrities.

Speaking about D’banj’s house, his mansion is believed to be one of the most beautiful in Lagos. His house is situated in Lekki area.

What is the worth of D’banj house?

The estimated worth of the mansion is 25 million dollars. How does he earn such enormous amounts of money for all these luxurious things, house, and cars?

Dbanj House and cars

The answer is quite easy. He is a famous singer and songwriter. The main source of his income – endorsement deals, for instance, with Power Fist.

However, despite this Nigerian authorities managed to sell his house. Rumors say that this was done because of unpaid bills. Also, it is stated that the reason was that he didn’t pay salary to his house staff and failed to give money to the landlord. In addition to this, some people said that he was urged to pay off a debt which is estimated to be nearly 300 thousand dollars so that he needs to return money to Henry Ojogbo.

Dbanj House and cars

It isn’t so easy to find D’banj’s house pictures, as he rarely shares photos of his house. Though, we are lucky to see him on a selfie made near his mansion in the USA.

Dbanj House and cars

D’banj cars

Dbanj House and cars

Nearly 5 years ago he bought his first car – Aston Martin Vintage. Its price is about 200 thousand dollars.

Among the cars in his garage are:

2 Toyota Jeeps – each of them costs about 60,000 dollars;

– Bentley – its price varies from 300, 000 dollars;

Dbanj House and cars

Aston Martin Vintage Black/White;

Dbanj House and cars

– Mercedez Benz;

– Porsche 911.

Dbanj House and cars

Apart from plush cars, he has made a rather expensive gift to himself – it was the luxurious custom-built jet. D’banj isn’t shy to show off his self-present. Have a look at it from the inside. Its inner interior is as if D’banj is sitting in Rolls Royce.

Dbanj House and cars

What will be the next luxurious toy of D’banj? The time will show. Follow our site, share with friends and you will know many interesting facts from the lives of Nigerian celebrities.

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