All romantic relationships are unique and special but just the same, not every relationship is meant to last forever.

Sometimes, we enter into relationships with the hope of ending up together in the paradise of marriage but often due to reasons obvious and not so obvious, most relationships end.

When a relationship ends, people hopefully move on with their lives and in most cases, people are also expected to move onto new partners. That is life.

I’ve been in different relationships with different women at different points in my life but the most recent ones are the ones with more talks and plans towards marriage.

When my most recent relationship ended, we parted amicably and wished each other a better life with new partners but promised to stay in touch as friends.

A few weeks ago, I informed my new friend, old girlfriend about my ongoing relationship with one of her friends whom I intend to walk down the aisle with and all hell broke loose.

Now, here’s my confusion – How come we are allowed to wear old clothes from friends, buy used cars from friends and even move into houses vacated by friends but we are not allowed to get intimate with friends of our exes?

My new girlfriend and I are ready to cut off all ties with my ex but before we do that, I’d like to know “WHY CAN’T WE DATE OUR EXES’ FRIENDS”?

Isn’t the relationship ending in marriage more important than mere friendship ?

What’s the fuss about the exes friends being untouchable ?

Abeg, share your views in the comment box below.

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