Twitter Big Girl Exposed For Stealing, Lesbianism And Cocaine Addiction — READ!

And once again, Twitter has been ignited with a very daring spark in Nigeria.

Two female Twitter users have taken to the platform to wash their dirty… very dirty at that, linen. @6ftHobbit and @Uduakisabae are making Twitter Nigeria bubble with their quite scandalous tweets.

The user @Uduakisabae is a very popular Twitter celeb and social critic known for her no irrational attitude.

From their tweets so far, it could be derived that Hobbit called out Uduak for allegedly stealing her mifi (portable WIFI) worth 15K when she played host to Uduak and her friend named Kimberly (someone who Hobbit barely knows).

When she asked Uduak to return the mifi, she refused and blatantly lied that she had sent an Uber driver to send it to her, so Hobbit came online to call her out.

Revealing more of their nauseating ideal, Hobbit complained Uduak had noisy gay sex with Kimberly under her Virgin Mary statue, and now she (Hobbit) is in trouble with her dad because their sex noise woke him up.

What’s shocking is that Uduak did not deny the allegations laid on her – theft, cocaine addiction and lesbianism. She is rather causing a massive stir online.


Another user posted an alleged picture of Uduak snorting 60k worth of cocaine. It’s ironical that the two parties are alleged cocaine users.

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