It was getting colder and so was my heart. It was getting darker and so were my thoughts. The leaves began to fall and so did I. What’s happening to me? I thought to myself. I yelled out a loud cry. My back began to bend and so did my foot simultaneously. “Lord have mercy” I said to my self. I couldn’t stop moaning nor whimpering. I began to hear frequencies, my ears couldn’t stand the peril. My neck began stretching. I could feel my bones outstretch. I was in severe pain and agony. My jawbone dislocated and developed into a vicious fanged mouth.Just when I though it was over I felt great pain rush through my bloodstreams creating intense agony. My gum began to swell as my teeth grew…longer then sharper. My entire face structure transformed. Fur spurted all over me, my eyes turned blood-red, my fingernails grew to razor-sharp claws, my back began to bend further and I was forced on all fours. I began to howl and my vision became better.
I was no longer human. I felt sick, no I felt as if I’ve been stabbed and let to die. Suddenly a sharp cold pain inflected itself upon me.
The bones in my body fell apart leaving me in agony, but it was worse, they were constantly shifting. Suddenly advanced detail came into my sight. My vision was too clear, I could hear sounds miles away. I screamed in pure fright. My face had become not mine but a wolf’s. Fur clothed my body and my nails were deadly weapons. I let out a screech it then turned to a howl. My mind was not mine it was that of a killing beast. With the last strength I had I ran.

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