This IPhone Suit Let’s You Turn Your IPhone to an Android Phone 

Source: This IPhone Suit Let’s You Turn Your IPhone to an Android Phone

Tech enthusiasts and hobbyist have tried running
Android OS natively on the iPhone in the past, but the
steps involved cannot be carried out by ordinary
people. Mesuit is an iPhone battery case that lets you
run Android OS right on your iPhone.

This doesn’t actually put the operating system on
your iPhone, it’s the battery case that houses the
skeleton of a phone with 2GB RAM and a MediaTek
MTK6753 processor. It also comes with 16GB ROM
and a Nano-SIM slot. The board inside the battery
case is connected to the iPhone through the Lightning
port, allowing full interaction with the Android OS
displayed on the iPhone screen. The Android OS is
accessed via an app on the iPhone.
Mesuit has a case for iPhone 6/6s with 1700mAh
battery capacity; this sells for around $150. The
larger iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus version comes with
2500mAh battery juice and sells for $165. At the
moment, Mesuit is only available in China, but global
launch is expected soon.

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