Must See!! Checkout The 5 Relationship Games You Should Know About

Games in the context of this article are different communicative means people use in a relationship, they are manipulative and mind control techniques people use in their relationship.

“Whether it’s a work or love relationship, many people subconsciously play games, and some of these games are malicious in nature”.

Listed below are different kinds of relationship games you need to know about.

1. The blame game: This game is all about vindication, when one partner keep on blaming the other partner just to justify his/herself. This game is very malicious as it instils the feeling of guilt on the other partner while helping one escape one’s responsibility.

2. The provocation game: “There are several types of provocation, but one of the most interesting and less obvious types is when a seemingly innocent person intentionally provokes another person by what appears to be an offhand remark or a sincere advice (which was of course unasked for), predictably, the other person explodes with rage while the provocateur gets several desirable outcomes”.

3. The control game: Even though this may seem like isn’t set up by a malicious side, they also actively seek it and get very excited when any suitable situation arises. “The primary goal of this game is control over others, another goal might be getting some sort of benefits in exchange for forgiveness”.

4. The double bind game: This game is played when a partner puts the other partner in a disadvantageous situation the other partner can’t escape from, no matter what they choose to do.

5. The siren game: This is a variety of flirting game played by most women and some people may find this game very exciting and stimulating “but unhealthy woman’s desire to repeatedly attract and then reject men makes it malicious, the woman may provokes physical contact and may even allow the man to complete the S3@.x:’ual act, then claims she was assaulted and/or raped”.

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