Meek Mill Gets Hit By Cup, Pauses Show At Strip Club

Meek Mill Gets Hit By Cup, Pauses Show At Strip Club

Meek Mill has been on the comeback since getting off of house arrest earlier this year. The Philly rapper has laid relatively low since his release, only posting to Instagram and sparsely releasing music. Meek also has been traveling and doing shows, with his latest one being in conjunction with Lil Durk.

Unfortunately, during his performance at the Aces Strip Club in New York City, someone decided to throw a cup at the rapper from a balcony above. Footage from the show has surfaced and it appears to start right after the beverage was chucked at the Maybach Music Group MC.

“Don’t throw no fucking cup down here. If you wanna throw a cup then show your face,” an agitated Meek says into the mic as security tries to pinpoint the culprit. “If you want to throw a cup just make sure you can stand it, because we aint doing no talking,” adds the rapper.

“Must have been a Drake fan,” somebody in the audience yelled during the stoppage.

Shortly after afterward the show continued. Here’s video.

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