Infinix Launches X-Band SmartWatch

Infinix Mobile has launched their first smartwatch called the Infinix X-band (XBO1). It has a very sleek design featuring a detachable screen and is IP55 certified which means it is dust and water proof. The x-band has several features including a fitness tracker, phone call receiving, phone notifications display and can be used a Bluetooth device.

The X-band is built to work with any Android smartphone so long as you have the smartwatch’s app installed on the phone.


Infinix X-Band Specifications

The Infinix X-Band smartwatch has an ultra thin smart touch P-OLED screen and operates on Infinix’s FreeRTOS operating system. It has 500 KB internal memory and comes with an 8 MB external flash drive. It has 96 KB RAM and uses an STM32F401CEY6TR 84MHZ processor. It uses a battery which can last for up to 7 hours talk time and 150 hours standby time.

Infinix X-Band Price and Availability

The Infinix X-Band is available in Infinix dealerships nationwide and the price is 25,800 Naira ($90 approx.).

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