If He Does These Tings In Bed He’s Using You For Only Your Body

toaster or a boyfriend who does the things below then, well, there are two things involved. Either he’s a se xual deviant, or he’s using you for your body and has no respect for you.


1. He pushes you to do things you’re clearly uncomfortable with. Even after you tell him a certain activity is off limits, he tries to do it to you anyway.

2. The orders he gives you are more critical than constructive. Whenever he asks you to change positions or move faster, it makes you feel like complete shit.

3. He only likes to have sex in complete darkness. It could mean that he has body issues, but it could also mean he sees you as a body and only a body.

4. He won’t wear a rubber, even if you’ve bought a new box for him and asked him politely. According to him, “Sex feels better without a condom.” He has no concern for your body. He only cares about his.

5. He never asks you what position you want to be in or what room you want to do it in. He’s always the one to choose.

6. He refuses to cuddle with you after everything is said and done. After he comes, it’s like a switch is flicked and touching you is suddenly a disgusting thought.

7. He leaves as soon as he slips his clothes back on. He doesn’t stick around for small talk, let alone breakfast.

8. He compares you to other women. When you turn down anal, he’ll tell you that his ex always agreed to it. When you wear flannel to bed, he’ll tell you that his female friends always go to bed in lingerie.

9. He always makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re prancing around in sexy lingerie or giving him the best birthday sex of his goddamn life, because you always end up feeling like you disappointed him.

10. You go down on him all the time, but you can’t even remember the last time that he went down on you.

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