I don’t believe in New Nollywood- Bolanle Ninalowo (Nino B)

At a time when there is a growing debate about new and old Nollywood, fast-rising actor, Bolanle Ninalowo aka Nino B, has shared his thoughts on the issue.For those who don’t know, Old Nollywood is referred to as the era when low quality movies are churned out every other week, while New Nollywood are the big-budget cinema movies.

Nino B says he doesn’t believe in that concept. According to him, “There would be no new Nollywood without old Nollywood, so I don’t believe in it. Some people paved the way for us, and they’re still there. They work hard, and we work hard as well. Nollywood is one.” Speaking on his hectic work schedule, he quipped, “Its just the grace of God that I’ve been featured in a lot of productions these days. It’s true that I work hard, but it’s all God.” On what he has learnt in the movie industry so far, he said, “Just believe in yourself, and keep doing what you do; that’s all.”



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