How would you react if you caught your benefactor in bed with your spouse?


I once stumbled on a story of man, Peter, who was happily married with two children for five years. Peter later lost his job and so the family had to depend on his wife’s salary which was barely enough. His wife then told him about a man who has been supporting her financially. Even though he felt less of himself, he had no choice as there was no where to borrow from. Besides, he had no fear whatsoever as he trusted his wife wholeheartedly and she also introduced the benefactor as a nice, down to earth philanthropist. Peter later got a job, but the salary was meager and still not enough to pay the bills. One fateful day, he came back early from work, only to find the benefactor completely naked having sex with his wife in their matrimonial bed. On hearing his voice, they both jumped out of the bed, sweating profusely and panting. The so called benefactor fled as fast as his legs could carry him before Peter could lift a weapon to hit him. … If you find yourself in Peter’s shoes, what would you do? (A benefactor is an individual who supports one in kind or cash.) Hear our celebrities: That might be the end of the marriage — Annette Cookey, Singer Honestly, that might be the end of that marriage for me, because if I continue in that marriage, I’ll never get over it. But If I leave him, I will be able to heal and perhaps even get back with him. But the chances are slim, so I’d rather walk away, heal and live a happy life. Most times, women know when their man is cheating, but who he’s doing it with is even more important. And if a benefactor, family member or close friend? That will be very hard to forgive and forget.


I would walk away — Patrick Osagie, aka Spanky I would just walk out on them because I will be angry and you know what anger can cause. In order to avoid doing something that could have dire consequences which I might regret, I would simply walk away.

I pray I don’t commit murder! —Joe’el Amadi, Artiste Hhmmm, only God knows what I will do. Ah! My spouse with my benefactor in bed? I pray I don’t commit murder.

To hell with my benefactor! My relationship stays – Blessing, Miss Tourism For me, the relationship stays. He will answer to me later, he has no reason to cheat with my benefactor. I would be unhappy, so he’ll have to stay away from me for a while, then we resolve the issue later. Men should learn to control what’s between their legs and use their head too. No man in his right senses will sleep with his wife’s benefactor when you know she doesn’t joke with that one person. As for the benefactor, that’s the end of our relationship, she means me no good. Just because she helps me when I’m in difficulty doesn’t mean she should take my husband in as a bedmate. To hell with her, I’m done.

I’ll never forgive my spouse – Yinka Smart, Nollywood actor In all honesty, I won’t fight it, but from that day henceforth, she’s no longer my lady. The relationship will come to a drastic end, but life goes on. As for my benefactor, I may just pull back from him a bit till the pain of his betrayal wears off a little. But I can’t forgive my spouse.

I’ll find out why he slept with her before taking action – Ferrari, Actress If I saw them in bed, I will be heart-broken, obviously. Afterwards, we can arrange for a meeting. I want to know if he’s dating her for love or money, because most men cheat even if they are married to Miss World. If it’s for money, she pays us both for emotional stress and I deal with my spouse in my own way. If it’s for love, I’ll let him go. They’ll both still pay me for wasting my time.

I’ll cut off every form of association with both of them —Kennyblaq, Musical Comedian A thing like this may lead to sudden death because they might not take time to think before reacting. God forbid it, but if I happen to find myself in such a mess I’d go to a place where nobody will be able to reach me, then think and plan on the best way to sever every form of association/friendship with both of them within the shortest possible time and leave everything to God.

what action will u take??


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