Get Your Man Into Eating Your P

A lot of women love have their Pu.$$y licked as much as or even more than having a fill their cunt. And if you have a man who loves to go downtown every chance he can get, great! But what do you do if your man either won’t do it, won’t do it right or long enough or if he treats Pu.$$ylicking as something obligatory and a mere prelude to sticking his up your twat? Well, don’t just complain. As a guy who LOVES to give head, here’s some advice about what you can do to get your man to adore eating you for as long as you can stand! First of all,

1. Initiate S3@.x:’:

Are you horny? Do you want his, his finger, his ass or especially his tongue: then let him know it! A lot of women, even if they’re dripping wet and desperate to be sucked and F**.Cked into oblivion, will wait for their man to initiate S3@.x:’. Chances are that when that happens, a man is going to have his own agenda. But, why not start out with your agenda, instead of his?

So what if you’re shy! Get over it! We know that women have moments when you want and even need S3@.x:’. So tell us when that happens! If you’re in a relationship, what on earth is the point of hiding your S3@.x:’ual needs? Is it some kind of weird power trip: if he knows you need S3@.x:’, you can’t ration it? That might have worked in the fifties, but surely we’re way past that now. Besides, nothing will turn him on faster more than knowing that you want S3@.x:’. So tell him! But how?

Words are best: nothing like an e-mail or a quick phone call to his office (provided it’s private, if you need that) and a “Honey: I can’t wait till you get home. My panties are sopping wet.” Or “I’m so horny and my vibrator isn’t doing it for me; I need you!” You can bet that he’s going to blow off or rush through whatever overtime might have been in the offing (if he is the type who stays at work when he has a horny chick to come home to, what on earth are you doing with him in the first place?).

If you’re reluctant to be that explicit you can always use all the tried and true chick come hither numbers. That’s OK. But if your man is tired or depressed, he can miss the non-verbal cues, or worse, ignore them. Ignoring a verbal invitation is not an option for most men: 99 times out of a hundred he’s going to accept, no matter how tired or down he is.

One final suggestion: a pre-arranged signal. One couple has a bride and groom from a wedding cake. When either one wants S3@.x:’, they put it out where the other can see it: yes, it’s really hokey, but it works.

So, why is so important for you to initiate S3@.x:’? Because you score big, big points with your man just by initiating: men hate, let me repeat that, MEN HATE the burden of always having to initiate S3@.x:’ because unless you’re hooking up with a nymphomaniac (whom most of us have never met, let alone screwed), initiating S3@.x:’ involves a certain probability (often quite a high probability) of rejection and attendant humiliation. When you initiate you instantly get your man’s gratitude—-and cooperation. And if he doesn’t like to dive into your muff and polish your pearl, you will need some of that cooperation. So initiate already.

All right. You have your man racing to get into your panties. Now what?

2. Tell him—yes, TELL HIM in WORDS—what you want.

Now, I gave you (reluctantly) non-verbal alternatives to initiate S3@.x:’. But there’s no way around this one—you HAVE to say exactly what you want: “Honey, could you go down on me.” “Honey, I need your tongue..” The more explicit and urgent the better: “Lick me!” “Eat me!” “Suck my Pu.$$y!” Especially, if you’re somewhat prudish or restrained, the more graphic and desperate your language, the more you will turn your man on and, maybe get his head between your legs, fast.

But what do you do if your man refuses or expresses reluctance? (Amazingly, there are some guys who are grossed out by the thought of connecting their mouth to their woman’s Pu.$$y). If he refuses or if all you can get is a quick kiss on the twat you’ll have to settle for that—–temporarily. OK, let him do his thing and start your campaign.

3. Your campaign begins with talking (yes, you saw it right—a member of the male species telling to you to TALK to your man).

Personally, I am thrilled to talk to my partner about S3@.x:’: it’s so much more exciting and much closer to my heart than talking about kids or chores: but then I have an unbelievably open and understanding wife. And, as a bonus, it’s often a huge turn-on to talk about S3@.x:’, especially in public (discreetly or undiscreetly depending on how much of an exhibitionist you are).

Now I know that there are a lot of men—and women—who are too uptight or scared to talk openly to their partners about their love life. But I don’t care if you have to go to a S3@.x:’ therapist to get a conversation going. If you’re going to have a S3@.x:’ual relationship that lasts more than a few weeks, you need to be able to talk about S3@.x:’ with him. And the odds are overwhelming that he’s NOT going to initiate that discussion. So first, accept the necessity of talking and second, figure out how to initiate it.

Once you have a conversation going, it’s important to be gentle and supportive but also to let him know how you feel, what you like and what you want from him. Above all, avoid any hint of criticism or anger. Let him know you appreciate his willingness to be open and to meet your S3@.x:’ual needs.

First, remind him that it’s not unhygienic to kiss your cunny: your bush is actually cleaner and more sanitary than his mouth (why else did God invent Listerine?). And reassure him that before you’ll ask him to head south, you’ll make sure you’re really clean down there (please note that some of us men actually prefer that you not be overzealous about scrubbing your cunny, especially if you’ve been horny and wet all day; but that’s another subject).

Second, let him know that (a) if the two of you are going to continue to have S3@.x:’, then you want oral S3@.x:’ to be a part of it. (b) you’re willing to take it slow and let him get acclimated; and (c) you don’t want to expect to cum every single time he goes down on you, that he has the right to stop if he’d tired and that you don’t want him to carry on heroically to get you to cum when his jaw is falling off.

It’s way better to express your needs and wants directly than to abandon or suppress them or even worse fight him passively aggressively. Once you stated your position, it also helps if you let him know that you’ll be patient and help him get through the awkwardness and that you appreciate his willingness and his commitment to satisfying you. And there are plenty of books and how-to articles (and yes, videos) that you can use to help initiate him into the ancient art of satisfying his woman with his tongue. You could start with some excellent pieces on cunnilingus in this “How To” section. Let him know, that you’re willing to reciprocate (he’ll be on really shaky ground if he likes having you suck his but he won’t lick your Pu.$$y!).

Finally, you need to talk about is what turns you on S3@.x:’ually. If something has worked and he’s done it right, let him know it—-verbally, non-verbally, anyway at all. Just make it obvious that he’s had an effect. Don’t fake it or exaggerate too much. But do let him know what gets your juices flowing.

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