For the Ladies: 6 positions that will totally make you feel good…

Your se. xu. al experience will vary as much as the positions that you’ve explored. You also need to know the ones that will make you look good. There are loads of them and maybe a few will exactly suit your body frame. In case you’re sensitive about your partner seeing cellulites on your bum or the wrinkles in your tummy.

Like earlier written, guys don’t really care about your body when s_ex is going on.

Here are a few s_ex positions that may work for you.

  (Carlee Ranger)

1. Dawgy style

This one is for you if you’re not exactly proud of your tummy. style hides these flaws. If your @ss is a great feature on your body, then dawgy style is for you. Your partner will be able to see your ass, back and thighs. It also works if you’ve just finished having a big meal.

  (Carlee Ranger)

2. Cow girl

This position is good for flattening your tummy, you also need strength to go through with it. Straddle your partner, sit up tall and stretch your tummy. This position flatters you if you have a flat tummy and beautifully shaped b00bs. It also works well if you have a small @ss.

(Carlee Ranger)

3. Missionary

One of the world’s most popular s_ex positions also has advantages for people who are not comfortable with their thigh region. It will also give a great view of your b00bs. You can also wrap your legs around him. Another advantage is that he’ll be staring at your beautiful face through the whole thing even when he’s about to cum.

(Kylah Benes-Trapp)

4. Sp00ning

If you’re not comfortable with the front of your body then sp00ning is definitely the best position for you. It’ll hide your tummy, bre@sts, even your face. Since you’re backing him and the fact that men are visual creatures, you might need to put some p0rn video on, so he can give you the business from the back.

(Carlee Ranger)

5. Sixty-Nine

This position allows him to be as busy as you’re. With this, he cannot have the time to look at you. He will be on top of you keeping him from looking at those least favorite parts of your body because he is busy in between your legs.

(Carlee Ranger)

6. Standing

This is a very exciting position, it can be very interesting because of the spontaneous nature, it’s like a quic.kie, se_x while standing will stretch your body out, and nothing is crammed like when you’re in bed.

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