For Men: 5 Easy Steps To A Great Skin

Men are known to be care-free and where skincare is concerned, most men don’t pay attention; though its a lot better these days as we see guys taking good care of their skin but a greater percentage still don’t.

Guys, you should care for your skin in these easy steps

Create A Skincare Routine: Create a simple routine that works for you, it could be ‘a wash, cleanse and moisturize’ routine for instance that you make a habit every day.

Exfoliate The Skin: Exfoliating improves the skin appearance and unclog the pores. You can exfoliate with a facial or body brush and its even more fun when you try out a home recipe with your girlfriend; she’ll gladly help. Be sure to exfoliate gently.

Skin Repair: Use dermal repair creams/lotions, choose those that restore the skin’s moisture level.

Moisturize: By all means moisturize everyday! Use an oil free moisturizer, it helps nourish the skin.

Protect the Skin: Use a moisturizer with sun protection. An SPF 30 and above is perfect

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