Expert Review: MMM Is Just Another Ponzi Scheme Stealing Your Money

Expert Review: MMM Is Just Another Ponzi Scheme Stealing Your Money

Editir Note: This article is written by Viljoen van der Merwe of Passive Income Cloud, an authority in making income on net and affiliate marketing. This review is being reproduced here to help our readers make balanced decision. All information are opinion of the writer and not that of Nigeria Today. See end of post for link to author’s website.

MMM Global Review

Price: Free to join

Status: Scam

What is MMM Global?

In short MMM global is a Ponzi scheme that also runs the form of a pyramid scheme. At first you will be told that it is a social financial network where you can participate in giving money freely to help other people. They claim that they are not a business, bank or an MLM company, but they are far worse than that.

Here is how it works: When you join this program and you decide to deposit $100 to help another person, you will get 100 Mavro. Once you have your Mavro, it will start to grow at a rate of 30% per month. So in your second month you will have 130 mavro and in the third month you will have 169 mavro.

Mavro is the currency at which this whole system functions and once you have the desired amount of Mavro, you can request your money. This is how this whole model works. The more money you deposit to “help” people, the more money you will make.

Where does the Pyramid Scheme fit in?

A pyramid scheme is an illegal business model where participants are promised money for referring other people into the scheme. There is no real investment involved and this model is also unsustainable.


As a normal member you have the choice to refer people to this program. For this you will earn a lifetime commission rate of 10% from all the donations of each member that joined under you. So if your member got $100, you will earn $10.

Then you have the option to become a manager and you need to take a 10 day course to be able to be one. Once you are a manager, you will get the managers bonus where you can create your own multilevel structure (Wait!! Did the website not say that it is not a MLM?). At least a MLM has actual products to sell.

So once you are a manager you will earn 5% commissions from your first level and 3$ commissions from your second level and so forth.

What about the owner of MMM?

The owner is Sergey Mavrodi who is a criminal that comes from Russia and was found guilty for scamming 10 000 investors for $4.3 million. The most disturbing part about it all is that this guy is supported by a massive group of people.



Looks more like a mug shot to me ?

Looks more like a mug shot to me ?


So many people are saying good things about him, because they are promoting his product. Here in South Africa the people are going nuts about this program and mostly the black population is being targeted by his company. It is a shame because the majority of these people are really struggling to survive.

He already has his company working in over 100 countries and the Philippines are also going crazy. Even Wikipedia admits that he is a scam artist.

Why I call MMM a Ponzi scheme

A Ponzi Scheme is an investment program where the investors will get their returns from the capital generated by new investors rather from the profits. They will always lure people to invest into the program by promising them very high return on their investments.

There are also no products involved in a Ponzi Scheme which means that there is no profit. The money you get from MMM will not come from any profits or whatsoever, but will come from new members that are investing their own money into this program. In order for this program to pay its existing members, they need to recruit new members.

This is why they introduced the Pyramid scheme. This scheme is designed to entice people to recruit new members into the program by promising them a commission from each donation their referrals get. Take a look at Youtube and you will see hundreds if not thousands of people trying to promote MMM.

Is MMM a scam?

Yes it is and I see that nobody is doing something about it. If you are involved with this scheme, then you need to take out your money as soon as possible or otherwise you will lose it all. These schemes never last long because sooner or later it will be shut down by the government or it will become bankrupt.

If you are making money from them at this moment, then good for you, because it will not last long. I hear horror stories of people that invested all the money they had and then lost all of it in their first month. If you are promoting MMM, then you should really think about stopping. Your motive might be good, but in the end you all will lose money.

Stop wasting your time with get rich quick schemes

I know that it can be hard to resist the temptation when facing a program such as this one. Getting a 30% growth each month is equal to 360% growth in a year’s time. That is more than 3 times the initial amount of money you invested.

There is no bank in the world that can compare to this as they give a measly 5% on average per year. If you invested $3333 into this scheme, you would get a return of a $1000 each month. This is also what makes a Ponzi scheme so attractive to so many people because of the high returns that you are getting.

Unfortunately or let me rather say fortunately a Ponzi scheme is not legit in most countries. Making money (especially online) is hard work and takes time to build. It is very realistic to build an income stream of over $10000 per month in over 3 year’s time and some people do it in less than 2 years.

It is possible, but it takes time and a lot of hard work to accomplish. If you are willing to work 2-3 hours per day on your online business, then I do not see anything wrong with you making $6000 per month in less than 1 year on a passive basis. Affiliate marketing is one of the real and legit business models that can do just that

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