Doctors Find Something Strange In A Woman’s Appendix After She Swallowed It During Oral Sex


We hear jokes about things being forgotten in a person’s body after surgery, but this is definitely one-of-a-kind.

A condom was found in the appendix of a 26 year-old woman in Cameroon who had gone to her doctor to complain about a chronic sore stomach only to discover that the rubber sheath she had mistakenly swallowed some time in the past during oral sex had lodged itself in her appendix.

The unnamed woman who went to the hospital to complain about feeling ill and unable to eat was diagnosed with appendicitis by her doctor as they found her abdomen was swollen with fluid.

She was prepared for an emergency operation, and after cutting the organ open, doctors were shocked to find a rubber-like material which resembled a condom inside it.

according to the Journal of Medical Case Reports, doctors discovered the unknown object was “consistent with a condom.”

One of the doctors explained that, “The condom was most likely torn into bits as it traveled through her gastrointestinal tract, with a fragment of it becoming stuck in her appendix.”

The woman later confessed to swallowing the rubber sheath by accident during oral sex with her partner while adding that she had found bits of the condom in her poo when she went to the loo five days later, though she didn’t bother seeking any medical treatment.

In other related cases, objects that have been found in a person’s appendix include a bullet in a person’s appendix, a fishing line and a screw to a person’s tooth.

These objects are usually hard to remove and always require surgery as the digestive tract isn’t powerful enough to expel it back into the intestine

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