Could Alexx Ekubo be ready for marriage?

IMG_0794Ladies ladies get in here!!

Seems one of Nollywood’s heartthrob Alexx Ekubo is tired of the single zone.
Earlier today, the actor/model took time to pen down an open letter to his future wife, so that she’ll be best prepared before arrival.
He wrote,
” I’m writing you this letter,
from the deepest part of my Heart, the
part that is reserved for Joh-loff Rice &
goat meat, so pls feel special. Consider
this a pointer or heads-up & act
1) You MUST love our Lord
Jesus Christ, with all sincerity, in deeds &
in purpose.#JesusIsBae.
2) I’m filled with
Simple Complexities & Complex
Simplicities… #DealOrNoDeal? 3) I’m NOT
here to pay for your Ex’s mistake, I was
not there when you both were “doing” so
pls don’t punish me.
4) I’m a huge kisser,
key word HUGE.


5) Pls forgive me for all Ii’ll say when I’m
hungry I Love FOOD I really do. 6) I love play
I don’t take myself too serious, you
shouldn’t too (nobody cares) there are
more important things going on in the
7) Hope you love to travel, because I
am Ajala the Traveler.
8) Pls be beauty with
Brains, I take God beg you, because
beauty fades, but an intelligent wife is
9) Pls come with factory fitted
sense of humor. (Nothing is that serious).
10) Lastly, you must acknowledge the
AlexxEkubo Wives Association Worldwide
(A.W.A) they’v been my support structure
holding me down all the while you were
forming “Baddest girl ever liveth” they
were here voting & encouraging my
ministry, don’t come & put sand-sand i n
their garri. Hope with these few points of
mine I’ve been able to convince you & not
confuse you.”


Ten good attributes any lady who hopes to be with Alexx should posses.
All interested and qualified ladies should find how to get his attention.
We all agree that Alexx is a fine somebori, and we know that the special lady is just around the corner.

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