Beverly Naya has opened up about her ideal man.


Sometime last week, Alexx Ekubo talked about his ideal woman.
Now, Beverly Naya has opened up about her ideal man.

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She said,
“I can’t stand potbellies and beyond
the physical, someone who doesn’t
know hot to treat me like a lady. I
have a fear of settling down with
the wrong guy and I won’t deny it
and that’s probably why I haven’t
found that ideal guy yet. I know he
will come.
I am very ambitious and I know
where I am going so anyone I am
going to marry has to be successful
in some way so that when we do
get married. I am not the one doing

She also talked about her view on sex before marriage.
According to her,
“I understand sex
before marriage. You don’t want to
end up with someone who gives you
bad sex. I can respect a guy’s
decision to abstain, but why? I get it
for religious reasons. Ideally, I would
love to abstain but I don’t want to
be in a situation where the guy is
impotent or can’t please me. I will
resent him.
In conclusion, she said
“You can achieve anything you want
to achieve and not focus on what
the men are doing. Just achieve
your goals.”

Well seems our Nollywood singles are tired of the single zone.

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