Adekunle Kosoko
GENRE: Urban highlife / R&B
RELEASE DATE: 26/07/2016

We all know ADEKUNLE GOLD for his very super hot singles especially SADE which received massive airplays on various Nigerian radio stations. His follow-up single, titled “Orente”, also received positive reviews from music critics and consumers. In 2015, he was nominated in the Most Promising Act of the Year category at the 2015 City People Entertainment Awards, and was also nominated in the “Best Alternative Song” category at The Headies 2015 for his song titled “Sade”.  He is currently signed to YBNL Nation. ADEKUNLE GOLD pulled a beyonce on us by releasing his album before the announced.          GOLD is not the typical album that doesn’t register a very good impression after the first few listens; it leaves a lasting impression,and for me 85% of tracks did same to me after the first listen

see tracklist below


GOLD (intro)

The  1:17  intro which has same name with the album “GOLD” he redefined his strives and hustle through this story. Love his vocals here, though it sounded like he is still trying to come to terms that he might be famous after all. He told us how he came about the name “GOLD” his ups and down till 2008 and after.  Piano keys on this track though, amazing.


A sprightly My Life, comes into play, placing us all in an immediate dancing mood [a bit of salsa, bata, the two step and even dabbing]. Carefully made up of a generous scoop of afrobeat and jazz trumpet, Sounds so much like a gospel song , the likes of Mid night crew and co , this track should be on replay for a long time. Mad jamm!!


A very good  attempt at trying to merge old school with new school, this is my best track on the album even though the lyrics were not that DOPE ,the chorus swept me off my feet , the beat and and the mood the song gives is just so awesome . He introduced busola oke’s line  from her track named IFE ELEYELE which gave a very nice throwback memory


Stale, but there is a reason we all keep listening and can’t stop till date, ORENTE has a very wonderful tune and melody .


A heartbreak song that doesn’t sound like one with his Chest register, sometimes boasting of melismatic control and an altogether different but cozy range, Nurse Alabere, is the perfect example of ‘a loved one’s hug’. The gangan, not too obvious flut, and any other ingredient used in concocting this medicinal track, are a welcoming additional glaze to an already glazed dessert. The sincerity employed on every note voiced… blown away!!


Usual friend zone or no friend gist , he brought in his comical alter ego as he tackled this subject with the help of afrobeat entwined in high life sound. Adekunle Gold, “we nor relate“, na only me my mama born,” “ I nor be your friend, ma lo friend zone me o.’ I nor do bestie ‘ no call me uncle ‘ am just 31 lol .


Nice attempt , the track starts like the empire’s jammal KEEP YOUR MONEY , but the lines were cool enough and the back up singers did a very good , but all thanks to pheelz on this for the wonderful soundtrack ,cause it takes 80% of the success


Adesperate PR attempt at trying to recreate a 60’s love story on this track and probably theirs. From the very obvious lazy lyrics, this song has same theme and almost same story line with DARE’s PRAY FOR ME , only that in this case its a story of a boy leaving his girlfriend unlike DARE’s story ,Adekunle Gold’s  off key notes, made this track feel like a local Ekiti man listening to opera music for the first time. Also it sounded more like an extended or pre-edited version of Simi’s ‘Love Don’t Care’.


We all know how this song , the prayerful theme and the story ADEKUNLE GOLD shared with us as the motivation behind this song . Once again pheelz murdered this KUDOS .



Almost like a native cover for RIHANA’s WORK its a decent track, love the witty yet serious undertone of this track. A bit tiring though, felt like a  merry go round kind of track, and not the fun filled one. However, I feel this track, is one of those he probably contemplated adding to the tracklist , he passed a very useful message to the youth of today “woorki ooo  worki ooo .


Love the soft embracing beat laid on this track. Basically a track that talks about a girl trying to seduce a guy into starting a relationship with her, even as the said man is a friend to her own bae. Sort of a reversed version of Friend Zone. Love the smooth and melodious beat. I would have loved Golden Boy’s vocals a bit stronger on this kind of song, since he is claiming he can’t be tempted and will remain loyal. Great progressive story line though


Lovely Bollywood inspired track. Beautiful mandolin sound oozing with all shades of generous sexiness and the colorful sounds of perhaps the udukkai, mixed perfectly with sweet and savory instrument employed for this amazingly soothing track, flipped every freaking page of an Indian movie delivering a  promise of endless coital session, ending in an earth shattering peak. FABULOUS  ,  he explains how much success he has attained and he never boasts about it .I wonder if he was throwing shades here tho, or he just got inspired by everyday life activities .


The topic already depicts what the track is all about. From the perfect synchronizing of beats, to the theme, down to the lazy lyrics, beautiful piece, all in all.


Refer to Pickup.


In my head; Masterkraft produced, Olamide wrote the song. Beautiful high life piece. He gave us a kofi olumide and kind of makossa high life, but again… not so shabby.


The song that started the entire soul searching journey!


Yes, I expected more from Adekunle’s debut, but again, mostly brilliant tracks, amazing production and average mixing and mastery of the album, golden boy deserves a light pat on the back for at least not keeping us for waiting for years before dropping a debut and still managing to come through with this. Do I think you should get this album? Absolutely yes, he is one of a kind in this naija industry

Rating – 8/10


Reviewed byDere olajide jemil




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