Trust ME! You Want To SEE These EXCLUSIVE Pages From Eva Alordiah’s Debut Collection Of Semi-Erotic Fiction, 11


Eva Alordiah, known by all for her witty flow and impeccable lyricism, has unveiled yet another aspect of her creativity. Writing! And to debut her work as a Writer is her first collection of 11 Short stories titled ’11’.

The Book which would finally be released on 11 July 2016 is presently being reviewed by fans around the world exclusively on

From the few pages we have read, we must tell you for a fact, Now we look forward to More music and more Books from Eva Alordiah. DOWNLOAD 11 by Eva here or read the few pages below and tell us if you like Eva the Rapper or Eva the Writer more. We are in love with both!

In her own words on the Author’s Note culled from the Book ’11’, Eva says,

One day in 2014, I woke up and could hardly recognize
myself. The things I loved to do at the time suddenly held
less and less meaning and life all but felt like a groping in
the dark. I cannot remember how I got there but after
that day, the depression was an on and off party I would
attend fully dressed, in all of my wanting for something
more than the mere existence of life.
And slowly, as I wandered down this unfamiliar path, I
began to pick on my childhood dream of writing fiction. It
was all I wanted to do as a child and it suddenly felt like
the medicine to help me heal. Whether or not that has
worked so far I am yet to tell absolutely, but this book
“11” is a collection of what I would now go ahead and call
my ‘practice notes’ as I teach myself to write, by Writing.
As a self-proclaimed writer, I have decided to write the
kind of stories I want to read, and often times these
stories take on a life of their own and some become raw,
untamed, and often times just blunt on the edge of sex.
This is a topic a lot of people where I am from, Nigeria, do
not openly entertain in conversation and quite frankly I
almost wonder why. I have accepted for myself that there
is so much to learn from engaging in practical and useful
conversation on the topic than feigning ignorance on
something that is inherently a part of our humanness.
I do look back on my life with my head bent low in
retrospect and I wonder if even I, may have made better
choices should I have been opportune to discuss sex as a
prepubescent like I did Geography, or atoms and
molecules or why the square root of this is that. Perhaps
in some way, we as a people have decided upon the easy
path regarding conversations dealing with topics such as
this. Keep mum.
My Mum will probably find herself tugging at the knot of
her wrapper through the time she takes to read my
words, and my Dad? He has been waiting more than 20
years to see a book of mine in print.
I do doubt sincerely that he would be void of surprise
about my stories and how they have metamorphosed
since the first time I said I wanted to write at 6. Or was it
8? I can’t say in absoluteness.
I have grown since then and life has taken me places,
many of which I would tell the 8 year old me to be wary
of, as the sapience from life by living, has revealed the
repercussions of my societal and culture-aided ignorance.
You are reading this book now because I finally damned
all consequences as I found a rejuvenated purpose for
writing again. Also you have consented to be 18 years and
older and you understand that I am just a story teller with
a penchant for words.
Maybe, I mean of course, one day I’d have learned most
of the rules of writing the scholars and wise ones before
me have set. But for now I am just telling stories the way
they come, believing that you will enjoy them, not
because I am trying to impress you with perfection of
grammar- English is not kukuma my first language- but
because I am in love with the idea of sharing with you the
stories as they take form in my small Nigerian head.
I intend to improve my writing with time, and I will,
should you continue to encourage me by being on the
other side of the world waiting to read me.
This is my first, Titled ‘11’. It is a collection of short, short,
sometimes semi-erotic stories.
Let’s call all these my practice notes shall we?
Thank you so much for reading, and welcome!

Love and Peace,
Elohor Eva Alordiah





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