Few steps to know you are an instagram freak


When you’re obsessed with Instagram or simply IG, your life might look like a series of flawless class, yummy food pics, and gorgeous selfies. 

However, living your best insta life isn’t as simple as people like to imagine. There is a series of struggles you have to endure while putting up that image of a perfect life.

1. Taking the same pic 10 times until you get the perfect one to post. 

Instagram is basically a full-time job with no salary.

Hilarious selfies by NigeriansImages by Chisom Golden Miles

2. Being heartbroken when you lose a follower.

In your heart you are like…”Aki woiyee. Did I do something? Please come back. Don’t do me like this. ”


3. Getting super excited when you beat your personal ‘likes’ record.

Last week I had 200 likes. Now it’s 241. Yeeees!!! I am a big wig now. No, you are not. Sit down.

Image: giphy.comImage: giphy.com

4. Getting upset when you are in a nice place but there is no one to take your picture.

Then you think of approaching the watchman or a perfect stranger to do photography duties for you.

Hilarious selfies by NigeriansImages by Chisom Golden Miles

5. Getting weird looks from the public when you whip out your phone to take a selfie.

But you don’t care. You just have to do it.


6. Wondering if you should delete a photo that didn’t get that many likes.

Then deciding you don’t care and keeping it anyway.

Hilarious selfies by NigeriansImages by Chisom Golden Miles

7. Being torn between two filters and spending way too long trying to decide which to use.

They should really let you layer those things.

Image: giphy.comImage: giphy.com

8. Getting super jealous of people who have many likes.

While you are sitting there with 10 likes on your best ever photo.

love kenyan teaImage: giphy.com

9. Realizing after you post that you don’t really like the photo so you have to rush to delete it before it gets any likes. 

And the speed with which you do that can win an Olympic medal.

Image: giphy.comImage: giphy.com

10. Your fingers have gotten sore from scrolling.

That’s because you can’t help but stalk people and like so many pics.

Image: giphy.comImage: giphy.com

11. You’ve debated in your head whether you should slide into someone’s DM or not.

There’s always that person you really like and can’t figure out whether to DM(direct message) them and tell them or not.

image: giphy.comimage: giphy.com

12. This is how you react when your photo gets so many likes in just a few minutes.

dance gifImage: Giphy

13. You have mistakenly tried to double-tap Facebook pictures thinking you were still on Instagram.

my bad meme


14. You constantly check your phone to see if you have any new likes.

Relax…take a deep breath okay?

check-phone-text-gifImage: The Sun

15. You are thinking of getting a better internet option so that your bundles don’t keep running out while checking Instagram.


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