A lot of men see the use of a condom as a necessity and try to bear the constraints that come with it. Everyone knows the advantages of using a condom including protection against unwanted pregnancy and STI’s but a recent research conducted in the US found that a reduced number of people are making use of condoms compared to the past. The research concluded that young people use alternative methods such as pills and intrauterine devices to prevent unwanted pregnancies while leaving themselves prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

Furthermore, the top reason why women skip the use of condoms was because majority say that sex is better without using one! This however shouldn’t be the case.

Check out five ways you can enjoy sex while using a condom as much as you do when not using one.

Keep The Condoms Close by
The last thing you’d want to do in the heat of the moment is to run around looking for condoms. It’s best you have a packet of condoms by your bedside and employ good use of it during foreplay. Have your partner put it on your penis in a sultry manner so that it can become a part of your sexual routine. Depending on how good your partner is with oral sex, she can use her mouth to roll the condom onto your penis.

High Friction Positions
One advantage of condoms is that they help to reduce the intensity for men who struggle with quick ejaculation, making them last longer. To compensate for the intensity, you can try out high-friction positions such as the side-by-side and the doggy style which research has shown to be more stimulating and intense driven for men.

Try Studded Condoms
Quite a number of condom types exist and you may want to consider switching the type of condom you use. Condoms with studded textures can be particularly useful as their thin designs can help to create channels that will help lubricants flow to different regions thereby creating a warm feeling. Textured condoms are particularly appealing to women because they rub against the wall of the vagina more effectively, giving a more erotic feeling.
More so, other condom types such as such as warm, tingly, enlarged and twisted heads can also help to heighten sensual sensation and have you feeling as if you were having sex skin-on-skin.

Condoms are made of materials derived from rubber which makes them more unpleasant as opposed to going skin-on-skin. The best remedy to this is to use more lubricant even though a lot of condoms come lubricated. This helps to enhance physical sensations and reduce friction. More so, condoms that are silicone based last longer because they are thicker than those that are water-based. Try and stay off lubricants made of oil as they can cause the condoms to deteriorate.
Apply one to three drops of water-based lubricants on the condom towards the head of the penis. This is because that area is the entry point and the thrusting motion of sexual activity from that point will disperse the lubricant all around giving you a more intense feeling.

Switch Styles
If you find your condoms inhibiting your sexual pleasure, switch your sex position. You can try the routine missionary style with your partner closing her legs together or the seashell position. Modifying common sex styles and incorporating new positions can help to temporarily change the dimensions of her vagina during sex. This makes the vaginal canal narrower and/or shorter which results in a somewhat bigger penis and tighter vagina. This will have a huge effect on the sensual feelings increasing the sensations you and your partner will feel.

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